DOPe. is Doors Of PErception !

Welcome to the Doors Of PErception

welcome to paradise

Whats in the name anyways ?

Be it…mystic waters,vedic charm,lucid dreams, terminal pier,raving,yogis..etc.
Thanks a ton to the group(farmjohns) for contributing to it !
In the end all these are psychedelia.All the things we relate to and to-gether are it kody or it trance or it leaf or shrooms..etc n E.

We think psychedelic .We are  tryin to achieve psychedelic bliss ,listening to
psychedelic music,writing psychedelic notes ,picturing psychedelia,travelling to
psychedelic places,partyin to psychedelic music,tripin on psychedelic nature.

Can you  heaaarrr  ! Listen to the green fields.

Thanks to the group’s PERCEPTION
towards the beautiful thing called LIFE
in this wonderful planet EARTH
in Incredibel INDIA !
Our Doors Of Perception is one the right path!! Boom Shiva !!!


~ by doorsofperception on January 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “DOPe. is Doors Of PErception !”

  1. Nature in its wildest form looks beautiful too. Photographers (like Mr Ram) have and will be able to capture splendid photographs when nature does a display of its fury. However, when human beings decide to get in touch with their wild side, the whole gamut of things change. Blood and carnage has come to signify the wild side of humans. Today everywhere you look around be it the headlines of news papers they talk about how the war in Iraq has taken an ugly turn. How people in an African country are fleeing to avoid ethnic cleansing.
    In all this we happen to miss out on human achievements. How many of us have read the news that India recently test fired a capsule that went into space, spent time and returned back successfully. This has opened our chances to send an unmanned space vehicle to the moon and back in the year 2008.
    How may of you know that India now belongs to the elite BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India & China) group of the fastest growing economies in the world? No longer is India in the news for terrorist incidents but for the fast paced development in all industries.
    I feel that if the goods overshadow the bads, people will no longer have time to think or do bad

    What Say???

  2. That’s true, we are probably the most savage creaures on the face of this earth and unfortunately, it requires a large group effort to put a damper or a complete stop to violence and violent inventions. Now this most likely won’t occur until we just have a spontaneous relevation as a species and make life much simpler in order to remove temptation for money or other valuables as a drive for criminal acts… or as it is in most situations, when it’s too late to change and all we can do is fight, speak up, and/or accept the doom we have set ourselves up for. Whatever the case, we’ll probably deserve our fate to be brutally honest. Although it may seem that I’m a cynic, I’m not. I’m actually extremely positive but also a realist and a cocktail of other balanced and crazy personalities… haha. Anyhoo, I agree with focusing on the good to overshadow the bad, but don’t become oblivious to it because that’s how you become a hypocrite and before you know it, you’re part of the negativity swallowing society. It sucks, but there’s exceptions for everything and change is natural so just do waht you feel is right in that moment, even if it isn’t the smartest idea.

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