Reading = Sexiness! How sexy are u?

I love reading. Wish i had more time in life to read. So everytime i read something interesting, who else can i talk with but you two? I love sharing art with people ….esp who apprieciate that & take the effort to look for it… i sometimes take books from library for other people…there r 3 books that i have checked out for my friends. i can always reccomend them books…but people forget & everyone is so busy …so i figured the best thing is if i think someone will love this book i check out from the public library & give it to them…this way they end up reading it & love the fact that i did so much effort for them to read a book….BOOKS are great…Reading books makes u aware, intelligent & conscious… which makes you sexy!

BTW i saw a documentary last night THE GROUND TRUTH. Its a series of interviews of Iraqi War veterans. very nice. Rahul You must watch it.
WATER is nominated for best foreign film. Its such a bad fuckin film. Too bad the goras dont get it. Any foreign film which shows the problems of that country is loved by these goras. it makes them feel good i guess that their world is much better than what they see on screen. I’m not saying we should not expose the problems we have in our society, infact as filmmakers or artists that our responsibility. But a bad film is a bad film.



~ by doorsofperception on January 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Reading = Sexiness! How sexy are u?”

  1. o yes dhar we have a small community of reading ..the rigorous one but for reading.
    diff genres as claimed by jimmi.mrs reddy does it another world on the same world ..but wud never say no to it .keep it goin.wisdom is always welome.


    hmmmm…….reading most beautiful way to seeing the world sitting in ur own room.

    communism is good……….n secure for the people only as long it doesnt convert into tyranny.

    stoned…perhaps in today sex or dope r the only forms of nirvana.unless ofcourse u have the patience to go spritual n let go of all desires…………i cant…..not yet!!

    dilemma…….share urself n discover perhaps someone else might just be much more weaker or evil or better than we are. discover!!! Ive shared many secrets n wen i did i realised it was not such a big deal afterall……oh but then be prepared to face the music if ur darkest secrets come out.

    name…..seriously Whats in the name anyways ?

    Walking back into life……but baby u never really walked out of it ever…….every single thing u do say or look at is life. n it always beckons you for gr8 many adventures. n our biggest adventure has just begun. remember…..the rollercoaster ride.

    As for me i love life..ill never have lived it enough. babies, work, playschools, family, relatives, gossiping, teenage, clothes, gadgets, education, college, marriages, romance at 60….honeymooning in the moon ;-)ready or not im waiting for life.


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