Space Capsule or FOOD for poor?

Its really great the progress India is making. I’m so proud of it. But at the same time we should not forget the problems we have. And I’m not asking the government to do much either. I have come to realize that its upto us citizens to make changes in society.
I heard it on radio yesterday –
” Never underestimate the power of a group of commited people to change the world, No one else has.”
So every time we read about our achievements in space research & stock market boom, we should at that very moment also think about all the poor people who will never benefit from all these achievements. And make a promise to ourself to do something to make this a better place. If not right now, tommorow.
I think you guyz must be thinking i’ve become a communist. I’m definitely leaning towards the left a bit. More so become of this administration we have here. But i’m still not a communist. I believe in free enterprise. I dont expect the govt to change our lifes…it is upto us.



~ by doorsofperception on January 24, 2007.

5 Responses to “Space Capsule or FOOD for poor?”

  1. Nature in its wildest form looks beautiful too. Photographers (like Mr Ram) have and will be able to capture splendid photographs when nature does a display of its fury. However, when human beings decide to get in touch with their wild side, the whole gamut of things change. Blood and carnage has come to signify the wild side of humans. Today everywhere you look around be it the headlines of news papers they talk about how the war in Iraq has taken an ugly turn. How people in an African country are fleeing to avoid ethnic cleansing.
    In all this we happen to miss out on human achievements. How many of us have read the news that India recently test fired a capsule that went into space, spent time and returned back successfully. This has opened our chances to send an unmanned space vehicle to the moon and back in the year 2008.
    How may of you know that India now belongs to the elite BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India & China) group of the fastest growing economies in the world? No longer is India in the news for terrorist incidents but for the fast paced development in all industries.
    I feel that if the goods overshadow the bads, people will no longer have time to think or do bad

    What Say???

    Comment by Rahul 01.24.07 @ 2:36 am

  2. Indian is cool
    Its ##%$$% super cool
    the palce of the future
    it is calling
    it was of the past
    i am happy to be part of it
    its all happening
    and i am aware…….!

  3. The corporation is all about these guys talking about how democracy that was supposed to protect the rights of people has been misused by the corporation. There was one lady from India, I dont remember her name now who always had a smile on her face. Later on the movie it is revealed why she has that smile. She has been part of this revolution involving a group of poor farmers in India which has denounced things that the goras wanted to impose. I was touched by the instance she provided about Gandhi’s dandi march. One man shook an entire nation and all he did was peacefully marched to the banks of the river and picked up salt. He started off – in a group.
    Indian have contributed greatly to the world intellectually and we will continue to do so as long as we have balanced people who have the larger picture of the world in mind.

  4. Space capsule and food for the poor are not mutually exclusive. The problem with India is not the lack of resources. There’s enough wealth, it needs to be utilized correctly.

  5. “There’s enough wealth, it needs to be utilized correctly”..
    thanks for that line.I agree with u BD !
    India is a rockin electric guitar ,it jus needs jimi hendrix !

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