walking back into liFe..!

the BLUe jEAns has no eND

the 30 has struck.
the journey is half way thru
where are u heading
haven’t u seen enough
haven’t u experienced all
are u looking for the the unkown
i am not
are u hearing the future
i am not

we r trying to find something
that has already found us!!!

i am taking the train back
back to the journey i have been
it was beautiful
it was complete
it was wonderous
full of  experiences
full of  fanatasies
fanatises of reality
the worst was saved
i’as saved from being drowned
i was abt to fly
but now ……
humle is the word
i wish to see no more
i wish to hear no more
i wish to feel no more
i am walking back
walking back to where i belong
back to where i came from
the locomotive may have been replaced
the companions may have changed
but the journey is the same
with the ones that made a difference
they r real
they r the ones to remain
the memory remains

It is amazing
It was
cos it will be
I am &*#@# aware
Tanakal..kodai..nilgiris..goki..goa..bang!alore..increbile India !

I wish to see my life again
I  am walking back into it !!!



~ by doorsofperception on January 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “walking back into liFe..!”

  1. These words make one feel nostalgic. Was that the idea behind it? It makes me miss the days gone by more. When I was going through them I always wanted to grow up and move on in life, but now, I know I had the best time then. No regrets with life now, however I think the best have gone by and the worst probably yet to come. Life reminds me very much of this riddle I solved as a kid, when I try to solve it, I saw no end to my thought and when I managed to solve it, it looked as simple as an open book. I had it all but I never saw them, I felt it all but I never realized them, Now I know it all and no longer can have them!!!!!

  2. Perfectly written Mamu..”I had it all but I never saw them, I felt it all but I never realized them..”!
    Thats excatly wat I mean..how about walking back into them..they may gone but ..don’t u think atleast glimpses of them are worthy enough to feel again.Cos I dono what else is left ..they cud be more or there cud be nothing more ..the gone was just enough!
    But this time on a positive note – awareness!

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