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syd barrett
Syd Barrett, a founding member of Pink Floyd, has died aged 60.
This week (12 Juy 2006 )is dedicated to SYD BARRETT .
If he didn’t give us PINK ***K** Floyd what on earth wud we have heard!
Floyd on one side = rest of the music in this world on the other.
Lets meet for Barrett this weekend :

Venue :Basement/Garden at  “The Reddys”
Time :9pm till The Final Cut
Video :Syd Barrett’ Story DVD (Thanks to Neel for it) and Live at Pompei.
Audio :early Floyd music and acid Trance
Essentials  : beer n weed
We’ll let the astronomy divine shine one !
Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar.
You’re gonna go far, fly high,
You’re never gonna die,
You’re gonna make it if you try;
They’re gonna love you.
Well I’ve always had a deep respect,
And I mean that most sincerely.
The band is just fantastic,
that is really what I think.
Oh by the way, which one’s Pink?

As a tribute to Syd, I will be playing only Floyd (not that I don’t everyday) this weekend,
his solo albums Barret and his songs from harvest festival and earlier albums of Floyd.

People who want to be a part of this can join in.

The Guppie Production studio,
K316- Jalvayu Towers,
Gurgaon, Sector 56.

What to expect:
Floyd, Floyd and Floyd audio visual experience with psychedelic lighting,
Ice cold holy smoke down your throat with cold beer to rinse u r mouth.
For the Die hard fans special mixture of Sangam with cocktails.
Slide show of the band pics, and screening of Live at Pompeii.
Ram Plz burn the cd and give it to Vikas.

Time: Fri 7PM to Sun 10PM
People who cannot make it to the venue can dial in J or can experience the show through the webcam.
“May his soul rest in peace”


~ by doorsofperception on February 15, 2007.

7 Responses to “for SYD BARRETT”

  1. You guyz are crazy…..
    how about trying some new music…
    lemme help you guys with some names….
    GORRILAZ(only the album – DEMON DAYS)
    THE ROOTS(try the song The SEED 2.0)

    cHEERS dhar
    ( July 2006)

  2. Dude about new music, well I have so many new fusion music that will blow u r mind off really good spiritual happy music I would say. Its not trance but they are amazing lot of Indian instruments of course.
    I’m thinking of converting some of this new music into mp3’s let me see how it goes. Pink Floyd was the binding factor I would say that kinda let us speak our minds without having to take it out and it’s a shame if you can’t respect the man for what he gave the world. Being cool or moving with times and being respectful are two diff things and here we are taking about respect.
    Can all bands put together ever sell out as much as Dark side of the moon did? Just one album can swallow all these bands, but again like I said its not that you don’t respect these bands for what they are.
    Well whats the Jimmer man have to say?? Plz don’t say silence is golden dude. Ram we should try and play the same songs on both ends thru yahoo, u can play for me and I can play for u. What say u? We’ll do some research on broadcasting.

  3. tats some strong words abt SYD.. well all true my dear shorty…
    ok my share of dedication.. venue my car
    only floyd for the next week
    was gud talkin ane.. after donkey’s yrs and hearing abt the TRUTH –which not many know….hahaha i love it ane.. i love it
    ale i did get the parcel.. dont worry..
    manail wats the best to call u this wekend.. any time or u busy..

  4. Anae,you n your drama.another star in the sky
    somehow when i heard the news this morning on tv,i had a feeling you guys
    will make a big thing about it.:)
    now Ram will go around telling everyone that his birthday is actually this
    Syd guys bthday.,if i know him

    how’s yr back anae?
    im ready to pop anytime now -2 more weeks left.its so hot n humid here n i
    feel like just sitting in the fridge all the time.

    alex,where r u ,you goose?

  5. Man i ‘m gonna miss this …i’m sure u guyz will miss me….cheers to SYD!
    howz the rave scene going in bangalore?
    r u guyz dropping stuff or no?

  6. So all you Floyd crazy MFs!
    IS any of you guyz going to Bombay to see WATERS?
    He is playing Dark Side of the MOON back to back!
    this is a legendery tour. He started in LA & will finish in the same place in June.
    Nevneet is going there with his friends.
    Are u guys going?

  7. The DOPe.s in the Desert -Alex,Susan ,Mamu and Sumod shld try.
    Waters is playing in Dubai on the 21st of this month.
    Will miss in India tho.

    “U must be crazy..U gotto have a real need..”

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