Have you ever really felt the silence?

silence of a predator in wake of its prey,
silence of a mother guarding her sleeping child,
silence of a proud father watching his son go out in this world,
silence of a sinner in penance.

Have you ever really heard the silence?

silence of a woman cheated,
silence of a greaving family,
silence of the couple in each others arms,
silent tears of repent,

Have you ever really lived the silence?

silence of living the beautiful moments of your life again,
silence of witnessing the love of your life walk away,
silence of feeling your life slip away,
And finally the silence of resting n peace.

silence is beautiful,
silence is lonely,
silence is anticipation,
silence is desolate,
silence is tranquil,
silence is harmony,
silence is the stillness of mind body n soul,

This silence is mine.

– Priya


~ by doorsofperception on March 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “Silence:”

  1. silence !

  2. Lovely Poem and an equally nice pic to go with it. I landed here since I’m a doors fan and I like what you have on here. Some of my poetry is on the Matter blog. Who’s the photographer?

    -Bombay Girl

  3. something here resonated. it was nice 🙂

  4. came back to re-read this. it really says so much. and so beautifully 🙂

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